Airport Clash 3D

About Airport Clash 3D

Is your airport a mess? It's time to clean it up and add in some new features! In Airport Clash 3D, you will have to play as the airport manager and help make it run smoothly. You can choose from a range of different missions to complete, and you can also join online multiplayer games with your friends. As the airport manager, you will need to make sure that the terminals are clean, the runway is clear, and the air traffic is under control. You can also upgrade the airport by adding new terminals and an

Airport Clash 3D, game is a third person shooter game that you can play with your friends. It is a HTML5 game with high quality graphics. You can upgrade your weapons and vehicles to make them more powerful. As you play the game, you will earn money and power up your characters to become the best airport clash 3d player on the

Are you looking for an airport clash game that is both starred and challenging? Look no further than Airport Clash 3D! This game features a unique and exciting 3D interface that will keep you hooked from the first try. You’ll be able to fly to your favorite airports in this fast-paced 3D shooting game. Upgrade your planes and defenses as you face new challenges in order to outstrip the competition. What are you waiting for? Get started today and see who comes out on

If you're looking for a game that'll keep you entertained on the go, look no further than Airport Clash 3D. This fun and the challenging 3D game is perfect for those who love to travel – whether you're traveling to new places or just looking for an excuse to spend some time by yourself. With its convenient html5 support, low download size, and easy-to-use interface, Airport Clash 3D is sure to be a hit with any

Airport Clash 3d is a third-person shooter game for PC and Mac. It is an online game with friends, where you can play together or against others in multiplayer. You can use different weapons to shoot the opponents and upgrade your machinegun, sniper rifle, and grenade launcher to make your experience even more You can also play this game in cooperative mode with others to take on the airport challenges. The game is set up like a Tower Defense game and has a lot of different levels to play, so you'll never get

Control Guide

WASD or arrow keys to move
C to crouch
LMB to shoot
Space bar to jump

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