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Basket Random is a funny game in which you have to hit the ball into the basket. Make sure that you don’t miss any time and time your strikes perfectly to succeed. You play as a basketball player who wants to shoot baskets, but not every time does he succeed. Luckily this game will help you practice over and over again until you are pros. The controls are very simple and it's just one finger control. Hit the ball with your finger and make sure it goes into the basket! In This amazing game, you need to get your ball into the basket as often as possible while trying not to miss or air-ball (miss so many times that it bounces off of the rim before landing on the ground) too often. You can do this by timing your shots, using power moves, or even just throwing harder than usual. Every level has its own challenges such that if you want to beat them all at once, then good luck! The goal is simple: Throw hoops into baskets at least 40% of the time. Each shot subtracts from your chance of making that shot again for 5 seconds (1 second for each missed shot). And if after 5 seconds there’s no hoop in sight? Then sorry kid… There’s no hope for you anymore! Good luck shooting!

Are you ready to play basketball and have fun at the same time? Then this game is perfect for you! How about playing a fast-paced, exciting 2-player arcade game with your friends? Or do you want to challenge your wits, intelligence and reflexes in an engaging puzzle game? Whatever it is, we've got it covered! Just download this amazing shooting game and enjoy your time! In this awesome physics basketball 2 player game, you will meet enemies of unbelievable proportions. You must destroy them before they destroy you. The enemies are coming from all sides but that doesn’t mean they are stronger than you. Each one has its weakness; so identify it and exploit it to the fullest! If you want to become a master of dunking and layups, then just practice every day. Practice makes perfect after all so don’t worry if it seems too simple at first. If not, then try to get better by challenging yourself in increasingly difficult levels until eventually reaching a level where no amount of practice or hard work will help you

In this Android game you will play as two basketball players. You can choose only two players and play with them by using touchscreen. The goal of the player is to get the ball into the basket without letting it hit any other player or their own teammates. The second goal of the player is not to let their teammate to score points by hitting their own teammates. The player that succeeds in both goals wins the game. Besides, this One Touch Basketball 2 Player Game features:- More than 100 challenging levels – Once unlocked, all levels are accessible from any level and can be played at any time – Two different control systems: "Pass & Score" and “Hold & Tap” – Different ways to beat each level: Use combinations of passes to score baskets; run around your opponent and pass behind him; use dribble moves; or simply hide under the basket (maskpass) and throw a ball backwards

This game is a simple but addictive sports game. You have to play as a basketball player and dribble the ball and shoot it into the basket. You can also use your finger to make different shots like hook, slam dunk and more. There are also many different basket designs from around the world so that you can keep trying to score in new locations. The higher your score, the better! To control the player, just drag and drop them anywhere on the court. Try for highest score! Another version of This game is available! 

A new ball game is released. You can purchase it for 99 cents, 2 dollars or just free. Everyone has their own opinion on the new game, but what do you actually think? Do you think this game is a waste of money? If yes, how much do you think you will be able to enjoy playing the game? Can’t afford it? But if you can afford it, which version should you buy? Or maybe easier, if you could only have one game on your phone or tablet

Control Guide

Instruction Player 1: "W" Player 2: "UP ARROW KEY" You can play the game by touch controls on mobile devices or tablets.

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