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You are the famous ROBBER!!! In this game you have to sneak through a big castle, stealing gold and jewels from the wealthy nobles. Some of the guards try to stop you, but it's too late! Good luck!

Game Title - Robbery Bob Episode - Volume2 Type of Game - Puzzle Adventure Being an Adventure game, we will be playing the game with our Smart Phone or Tablet. So we need to have a good control over our device to play this game. Our character, Bob The Robber, will rob all the banks that are in his way. He has a partner named Konstantin. Konstantin is also an expert in robbing so he guides Bob through their adventures. This is the second part of their robberies and they are now tracking down a new hideout for the money they have stolen. In this level you must help them get all the clues and find this hideout by solving some puzzles along the way. But watch out because everyone seems to have figured out what they’re up to! To finish this level successfully you must steal as much money as possible and bring it back to your partner’s ally before time runs out. So keep reading and learn more about how you can complete this level

When Bob, who has never robbed a bank before, steps out of his house for the first time, he is scared and doesn't know what to do. On his way to town to see if anyone is willing to hire a brave like him, he sees an old gray cat. This cat looks at Bob with sad eyes, as though she knows that something bad is going to happen and she isn't able to stop it. The more Bob glances at her, the more convinced he becomes that she knows what's coming. As luck would have it - only one man in town will hire an odd like him right away: Mr. Bankster. He asks Bob if he is ready to rob his very first bank today or not; because once he does this today, no one else will be willing to hire him again for some time and until he finds another person who is willing to trust him

Robber or thief? Everyone knows that. This is where you come in. Your job will be to rob as many people as possible from their valuables. Follow the clues, solve puzzles and reach your final objective before the time runs out. Are you ready to become a Robber? Let’s go! END NOTE: This game is intended for players 18+ years of age only due to its theme and content. END END NOTE: If you have any issues with the game, please feel free to email us at instead of giving negative feedback or posting in the comments section below because your feedback can help us improve our games for future releases

Robbers, beware! The Sheriff and his deputies are on the prowl tonight. They’re looking for fresh meat to lock away in the local jail for a few decades. You see, this is a town where robbbery isn’t taken lightly. If you commit several robberies and get caught, you will be spending the rest of your life behind bars. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? Well there’s no need to worry — because they won’t find any prisoners as cunning as you tonight! Our strategy: To outsmart these lawmen so they can never catch us again. If they ever do manage to capture us again — that is. 

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