Clash of Skulls

About Clash of Skulls

In Clash of Skulls game you will have to defend your home from the intruders trying to enter it. You need to build towers, upgrade them and fight back the enemies. There are different types of towers. Each one has its own special ability, damage range, etc. So choose wisely which tower you need to place where in order to stop the enemies and not let them get inside your home. Despite being a tower defense game, Clash of Skulls offers unique gameplay elements that put it above most other titles in this genre. In addition to typical things like upgradable towers and a variety of creeps with unique abilities, you’ll also find things like multiple entry points for creeps, destructible environment objects, environmental hazards such as fires or spikes that can kill creeps or hurt your defenses if they come into contact with them (or vice versa), dynamic lighting effects that make creep sight ranges change based on time of day (for example: night), multiple difficulty settings (including per-level difficulty adjustments), and much more! And all this comes in addition to a fully narrated tutorial which will help guide new players through their first

Game is an awesome blend of tower defense and action game. In this fast-paced strategy game, you must build defenses to prevent the creepy human skulls from breaking into your underground lair. After that, you need to venture out into the world and find blueprints so that you can upgrade your fortress and unlock new weapons. This will help you stand a better chance against the increasingly difficult waves of enemies in future

Clash of Skulls is an HTML5 action tower defense game with upgradeable towers, great visuals and plenty of challenges. The goal is to defend your skull while simultaneously trying to destroy the enemy’s skull. You can upgrade your defenses as you progress and play again to try to get a better score. There are multiple unlockable towers, enemies, and environments in this game so it’ll take some time before you see everything! Play as one of several heroes and clash with other players in fast-paced matches that last from 10 to 20 minutes.


Control Guide

Controls Use the left mouse button to deploy the skull army.

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