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About Connect The Bubbles

Connect The Bubbles is an exciting and challenging new hypercasual puzzle game. You will have to use your observing skills and strategic thinking ability to complete the challenges! Connect the Bubbles is a fun, easy and simple game. The rules are very simple: Shoot a bubble towards another bubble of the same color that’s visible on screen. If you shoot all the correct colored bubbles before they touch, you win! Sounds easy right? Well it’s not so easy… You can only see one bubble at a time, and they appear randomly! The catch is that when you shoot the wrong colored bubble, it breaks into smaller pieces of that same color. This makes it much harder to plan your next move. 

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Connect The Bubbles is a new take on the classic game of popping bubbles! Tap to connect the same colored bubbles and create chains to win. Sounds easy? Well, not so Time is of the essence and you must act quickly if you want to succeed! The game gets more difficult with each level gained, as the speed increases and new elements are introduced. Are you ready to put your reflexes to the test in this fast-paced puzzle game?

Connect The Bubbles is a hypercasual, puzzle game with a classic twist. It’s like classic Connect the Dots, but with a new take on it. This game offers you the challenge to connect the same colored bubbles to each other before time runs out. Sounds simple? Wait until you try it! This game will leave no space for boredom and keep your mind alert. Hurry up and download this game right away! 

Do you love super addictive, challenging and simple at the same time games? Then you need to try out this new hyper casual game - Connect The Bubbles! This is a simple but challenging game where you have to connect the same colored bubbles to explode them. 

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