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About Cookie Crush 4

Cookie Crush 4 is a match-3 game. Match at least 3 cookies of the same kind to crush them. It’s an easy, fun and challenging app for kids, teens and adults of all ages! It is the perfect way to pass the time while also helping you learn math, vocabulary and logic. The more you play it the more challenging it gets! There are 6 different types of cookies in this game which makes it even more fun!! The goal of this game is to create combinations with 3 or more identical elements that can be removed as one unit. For example: if you have a green cookie, a green candy bar, a chocolate chip cookie and another chocolate chip cookie in front of you then removing the green cookie will result in two remaining (the chocolate chip cookies). To crush these cookies you need to match them up so that they become part of one thing again. In some levels there will be special powerups that help you remove multiple elements or even whole rows or columns at once! Different sets may have different numbers of pieces, colors and types of cookies so be sure to check them all before starting. You can only remove matched pieces from your board until there are no more leftovers on your side.

One day while working at her kitchen, a girl baked some cookies and decided to eat one. She then realized that she can’t eat just one cookie so she decided to make another batch and eat all of them. After making more and more batches, she ended up with a whole pile of cookies. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! This is not just your average match-3 game; it’s Cookie Crush 4! This time around the objective is to clear a certain number of matching cookies from the board using various types of ingredients like candy, ice cream, cake batter and many more. The first batch you eat will give you an experience point that will increase your level. You have to finish off each level by eating enough cookies in order to achieve Level 10 as this unlocks new features for you as well as new boards. The higher your level the better the ingredients you get when playing so be sure to keep playing if you want to keep getting better! 

Cookie Crush 4 is another variation of the popular match-3 puzzle game. In this game you have to find matching cookies and break them by making them into a row, vertical, horizontal or diagonal. The game has some new features like ice cubes for the ice-breaker mode, jelly beans for jellies match-3 modes and double chocolate chips for double chocolate mode. You can also play different variants of this game with friends using facebook connect. Along with matching cookies, you will also have to use your strategic thinking to earn three star scores in each level.

In Cookie Crush, you need to match 3 same type of cookies. To do that, you will need to crush them with one another. Match-3 games are everywhere and this is one of the most played kinds of game on every mobile platform. The whole idea about these kind of games is to match 3 or more items within a fixed time limit. However, it can be challenging at first as you are not used to playing these games. But once you get the hang of it, you will find yourself playing all the time. 

This Cookie Crush game is going to test your intelligence. You will have to match different types of cookies with the same type of cookie in order to make combinations explode. For example, you will have to match a chocolate chip cookie with another chocolate chip cookie in order for them to combine and explode. There are over 100 levels in this amazing game that will keep you engaged for a long time. 

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