Crazy Drift

About Crazy Drift

Crazy Drift is a multiplayer car racing game. It offers you the opportunity to get crazy and drive your car on a dangerous hillside road. Try to stay on the road and do not crash into other cars. Use your keyboard to control the car. Use arrow keys to balance and press space bar to accelerate. Press Q key to use nitro when available, X key to use turbo when available, Space bar again for acceleration, and finally shift button if you want to change gear while driving. If you find this game difficult, try playing with friends! Other players can join in the game at any time by using an external mobile phone controller or computer mouse and keyboard. 

This game is a 3D, multiplayer driving game. It's a real racing experience for you and your friends. This amazing game game requires some fast reactions because every time you start the race, the position of the cars on the track could be different than the last time you played it. You will have to think quickly, predict where other drivers are going and take whatever action to stay ahead. This game has 5 different car classes with various characteristics such as top speed, acceleration, handling and stability. The more advanced cars have a limited amount of nitro that gives them an extra boost in performance while they are running low on nitro. Join up with your friends or random opponents in this crazy drifting racing game online! 

Crazy Drift is a racing game where you play as your car and try to reach the finish line without crashing into other cars. The game has 3 modes: Quick race, Time trial and Multiplayer mode. There are different tracks to unlock with more challenges coming up. In Quick race, you just need to complete 3 laps at once. In Time Trial, only one lap is available for you to beat your best time. In Multiplayer mode, up to 4 players can race together on the same map at the same time. It is not difficult if you have good car control skills and stunt driving experience. 

This one is a car racing game with 3D graphics and realistic physics. Drive your own car or join your friends to race them in this fun action packed game. It has simple controls which are easy to learn and play. You can connect up to four players and let them drive their cars simultaneously! - Awesome real time multiplayer racing experience with your friends. - Simple and intuitive controls that anyone can master in no time. - So many cars and tracks from where you can choose any of them as per your gaming style/car choice. 

Crazy Drift is a multiplayer racing game where you have to drive in different obstacle courses with your friends. There are different modes like Time Attack and Stunt. The faster you finish the level, the higher your score will be. You can also challenge your friends by joining the same course at the same time. You can play with up to four players simultaneously.

Control Guide

Controls WASD / arrow keys = drive Space = handbrake F = NOS G = Slow-motion L / K = headlights Q / E / Z = indicators H = horn C = change camera view B = look back Shift / Ctrl = shift gear manually

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