About Eliatopia

Eliatopia is a WebGL browser-based multiplayer RPG game. You play a character with the same name, and your goal is to conquer the continent of This amazing game by defeating its many dangerous inhabitants and bosses. To win battles and complete quests, you must collect materials and craft items. These resources can be found in forests, caves, towns, abandoned mines, or through special events that occur periodically. This one is free to play but offers some optional in-app purchases for extra coins or stamina points that restore your account after a temporary suspension (more on this later). To start playing, select the “Create an Account” link from the main menu (the blue one with a logo next to it) and follow the instructions. 

The world of This amazing game is shrouded in mystery, filled with terrifying monsters and wondrous ruins. Only a handful of brave adventurers ever discover its secrets. One such explorer is you: Eliator, the most legendary swordsman to ever set foot in Eliatopia ! Battle against cunning enemies, solve intriguing puzzles, and uncover an ancient civilization that has mysteriously vanished. Discover ancient relics and powerful magic while repelling ceaseless waves of grotesque creatures. Build towns, hire warriors, and construct mighty weapons as you search for hidden villages populated by friendly inhabitants who may prove useful allies on your journey. Hunt down strange beasts and plunder their hideouts to unearth rare treasures that will boost your attributes or provide helpful items. 

This is an immersive, cartoon like game. It's a world filled with adventure and danger. Explore the wild forests, caves, ruins and more to find ancient artifacts, valuable resources and much more. You are This amazing game - a young warrior who discovers his unique ability to transform into animals at will. In this village-building rpg, you can choose from 3 different races: Humans, Elves and Orcs. You can then purchase over 15 types of buildings in your village.

Where else can you find a place where on two legs, humans are the dominant species? Where there’s more than one kind of human? Where humans come as different races and creeds? But things aren't perfect. Humans have become dependent on machines for their every need. The people now live in fear of being disconnected from the virtual world they’ve grown up in. They call this new evil “The Terminators” who will hunt them down and end their connection forever with no chance at redemption. 

Eliotiopia is a free online browser game. It’s an online sandbox RPG where players create their own unique character, explore the world and battle other players in PvP combat. As a new adventurer in Eliotiopia, you must learn how to survive and thrive amongst the many dangers that lie within the land of Eliotiopia. This will require training and practicing combat skills to become more capable both as a single adventurer and as part of a team. You can join an existing team or start your own with your friends to explore this vast world together. 

Control Guide

Controls Move: WASD or arrow keys Jump: space bar Attack: left mouse button or C Pickup Items: E Interact: V

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