Fire And Water Island Survival 6

About Fire And Water Island Survival 6

Fire And Water Island Survival 6 is a 2-in-1 game for 2 players. In this game, you will play as the Fire and Water tribe. On this island, there are two lakes; one belongs to the Fire tribe and other belongs to the Water tribe. The two tribes have been enemies for a long time and both of them want to take control over the whole island. To achieve their goal, they have constructed many building on their side of the island which keeps them safe from each other’s attacks. But that still doesn’t mean that they won’t attack you if they see you or hear your call when they are attacking another player. You can also attack other players in order to take control of the whole island before your opponent does so or before they destroy your buildings with their attacks.. The game features:- 10 unique cards that are exclusive to each player- 5 distinct decks of cards- Gameplay: There isn’t much gameplay in this game, but it is great for warming up before playing a more complicated party game. It is also great for new players who are just getting used to games because all of the rules can be easily learned by simply looking at them.- Playing time: The gameplay lasts around 30 minutes, depending on how fast people play and how many times the players draw cards during their turns.

Fire And Water Island Survival 6 is a fast-paced, exciting game for two players. You and your opponent will be racing to collect water and fuel tokens along the island before time runs out. Whoever has the most tokens at the end of the game wins! The game consists of eight rounds, with each round having increasing difficulty. It’s easy to learn but challenging to play at higher rounds. As the game progresses, fire tokens will appear more frequently than water tokens. During each round, players must race to collect water tokens in order to quench their opponents’ fires. Water tokens are also used as fuel tokens in order to activate specific cards from a player’s deck. 

In this amazing Fire and Water Island Survival 2D Game you need to manage resources wisely for you both to stay alive. You are an explorer who has just arrived on the beautiful island inhabited by various animals and birds. However, this idyllic land is not as welcoming as it seems. The mainland residents have been using the island as a hideout, causing it to become isolated from civilization. As such, most of its inhabitants have gone missing and many of the animals have disappeared. It is your job to help these remaining islanders survive the harsh environment until they can be rescued. 

Day by day and night by night, this survival game offers you lot of challenges. This island has plenty of natural resources and dangerous animals. It won’t be easy to manage the resources and stay alive. But don’t give up! Just follow the rules to survive in this island. 

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