Fireboy & Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales

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Firegirl Amp Watergirl is a 2 player game in which you battle each other. You can play with a friend, or challenge yourself by playing alone. The game will have various puzzles to solve and levels to complete. You use your water powers and your fire powers to beat your opponent. How to Play: Watergirl has 6 different types of magic powers, such as tornado, ice block and lightning bolt. Tap on the right side of the screen and move left on the screen to attack your opponent. For example, tap to make a tornado and move left until you reach the opponent’s space so that your tornado hits him or her. This is how all 6 types of magic powers work: - Firepower: This lets you create a fireball from your hand that flies straight forward for a few seconds before disappearing. It does not travel very far, but it does damage any enemy that it touches along the way! - Waterpower: Tapping this power creates a small wave in front of you that travels forwards for a few seconds before disappearing. This can also be used as ammo if you tap another wave once it has traveled far enough forward before disappearing again! It is ideal for when you want to attack walls in order to progress through them - Iceblock: Shooting out an iceblock forwards causes it to bounce off any enemies it comes into contact with and continue moving forwards until it disappears again after bouncing off them.

Firefighter Amp Watergirl 6 Fairy Tales is another addictive game from the well known puzzle adventure series Android Games Firefighter AMP Watergirl. This time you have to rescue the characters from the different 6 fairy tale stories. With each level, you will unlock new levels and get acquainted with new characters. In this challenging game your main task is to help the characters reach water in order to escape from the evil witch. You can play this game with your friend by using two different devices or one by using Ad-Hoc mode. It doesn’t matter if you are playing as a boy or a girl; both of them have their own abilities and special tasks that they need to complete. If you think that you cannot complete all levels, then take a look at our NEW version of this game! Here we added 10 more levels so now there are 50 levels total in the game! Have fun playing this addictive puzzle adventure series Android Games Firefighter AMP

Fireboy and Watergirl are two brave fairies who live in the Forest of Happiness. Their house is made of wood, and it keeps getting destroyed by the Fireboy’s endless passion for setting things on fire. As a last resort, the Watergirl decides to build them all new houses out of tin. Unfortunately, not every fairy has the patience or manual dexterity to construct something as delicate as a house. If they do manage to finish one, they usually end up with several broken remains instead of a proper home. Thus, their solution is to move into their magic Rainbow House without any windows so that no one can destroy it again. It only takes them one trip to the city to buy everything they need to make this

Do you know Fairy Tales? If you do then this game is perfect for you because it has 6 fairy tales in one game. So, let’s check it out! Fireboy and Watergirl are two friendly fairies who love to spend their free time playing games together. They decided to play a fun game called “6 Fairy Tales” that involves them telling each other six different fairy tales. This will not only be fun but will also help the fairies master their storytelling. If they can finish the game by telling all fairy tales, they will win and if not, the other fairy gets a chance to win.

Fireman is on a mission to save a princess. But how can he do that when he needs to cross a river? He knows there’s only one Partner with the Watergirl to help him get across! The player controls Fireman, who has to complete different levels by solving puzzles and jumping from one platform to another. -Fireman Amp Watergirl 6 Fairy Tales Features: - 2 Playable Characters in One Game! - 40+ Levels in 6 Different Locations! - 25 Unique Charming Story Book Levels! 

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