Kill The Zombies

About Kill The Zombies

Kill The Zombies is a 3D action game that pits you against the zombie hordes. The goal? Stay alive as long as possible, and kill more zombies than anyone else. Headshot your enemies, use your environment to your advantage, build traps, and anything else you can think of to exterminate the zombie

Help is not on the way. You are the only one who can defeat the horde of zombies that are attacking your city. Fight them off and take down as many as you can. This game is a 3D action FPS with Survival, Crafting, PVP, and Team Deathmatch gameplay. In This game, you are the only one who can save your city from a Zombie Apocalypse. This amazing game also features a PvP crafting system. Players must defeat other players in order to earn their crafting supplies. Once a player has successfully defeated another player, they can claim their supplies and use them to craft special weapons and

This is a survival game where you have to kill the zombies. There are five levels in this game and each level has a time limit. You have to kill as many zombies as possible within the time limit. To kill a zombie you have to shoot it from a distance. You have to be careful because if you get hit by it, you will lose a life. You will get one life for every 5 minutes you survive. You can upgrade your weapons and your character by completing story missions and by purchasing them with the money you

Are you ready for a zombie-killing challenge? Killing zombies has never been more amusing. Be ready for an action-packed shooting game. Kill the zombies and survive the night. It’s time for a new blood-pumping zombie-killing game. Get your best weapons and kill all the zombies standing in your way. Download the free mobile game “Kill the Zombies” and survive the night. 

Control Guide

W-A-S-D keys to move.
mouse cursor to rotate the camera.
Left Mouse Button to fire with the pistol.

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