Met Rage

About Met Rage

Met Rage game is an extremely dramatic first-person gunfight. With the background of the underground map, the dangerous melee phase, This is a great opportunity for you to show off your shooting talent. Compete against friends or against strangers in fast-paced, 3D multiplayer battles!

This game has two gameplay mechanics:

  • Single-player mode: This is the best aspect of the game - you must have great skills and reflexes. Explore the underground subway, kill all the enemies you meet along the way with your gun. In this game, you can roam around the map to pick up the most modern weapons as well as healing bonuses.
  • Catch the flag mode: In this Mad Max-style world, your team must try to capture the flag in the subway and try to bring it back to your own base. This is side-by-side combat. You can invite your friends to join. Work well with the whole team to fight against the enemy army and win.

Features of the game Met Rage:

  • Pick up and collect the most powerful combat weapons, there are many types of sniper rifles waiting for you.
  • Take up arms and control guns like machine guns, pistols, and even deadly rocket launchers. Fight against even the most powerful opponents.
  • The game combines very interesting game modes and allows for teamwork or solo skills.
  • Gameplay and eye-catching graphics will bring players to the most intense and realistic battle times.

Control Guide

WASD/arrow keys = move
Shift = toggle sprint
Mouse = aim/shoot
Right-click = scope
Mouse wheel/numpad = cycle weapons
G = Throw Grenade
P = Toggle Post-FX
~ = Menu

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