Mine Shooter Monsters Royale

About Mine Shooter Monsters Royale

MINE SHOOTER MONSTERS ROYALE: shoot and destroy every enemy you encounter along the way. Try to live the longest in this game and build your own Minecraft world. In this game, Evil monsters have invaded your village. They killed the villagers and destroyed every structure in the city. You must act quickly and find the necessary weapons to protect your people and the whole village.

Are you ready to be the Ultimate Miner? In this amazing MINE SHOOTER MONSTERS ROYALE game, you will fight against monsters and other opponents in the graves for the last remaining gold. Minecrafters have discovered a rich vein of gold. Now all the mines are trying to access the same circuit and loot it. Fight against other miners in this savage Minecraft arena where everything is fair and everyone fights for the golden nuggets. This Minecraft arena has many obstacles and traps. You will have to find the best weapons and defeat your opponents to win.
There are some Zombies and Huggy Wuggy behind you, they are always lurking to attack you at any time. Watch carefully and try to avoid them. Collect scores by killing monsters. You can completely use these bonus points to buy better combat weapons.

Control Guide

Instruction Controls:
Mouse 1: fire weapon
Mouse 2: raise sights or block
W, A, S, D: to move
Left Shift: sprint Left
left CTRL: crouch
X: prone
Space: jump
F: use the item
R: reload
H: holster weapon
G: throw a grenade
Esc or Tab: Pause

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