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In this Unity game you play as the sheriff of a town named Slashville. You have discovered that there are monsters and demons roaming in the nearby forest, and they must be destroyed before they invade the town. As its sheriff it is your duty to protect the people by eliminating these evil beings. To achieve that mission, you must build a strong defense wall around the town. Construct buildings like houses, smithies, blacksmiths and more in order to supply your citizens with resources and weapons. Build storage bins for different resources so that they are always available for crafting. Craft arrows for your military units as well as bows for hunting animals. Construct carriages so that people don’t get lost when travelling from one part of town to another; buy horses from a stables instead if you cannot afford them yet. Construct trebuchets so that you can hurl rocks at any intruder who dares to enter your city-state; hire guards from a barracks if you lack enough men to deter intruders on

In the town of RushVille is an ancient evil that lurks in the sewer system. It comes up at night and hunts down the children of the town. They feed it with their screams and yells as they run away from it. One day you find out that you are one of them, and your parents hide you away before things get worse. You must escape this place before it’s too late! RushVille is a unique first-person 3D adventure game with a lot of exploration, hidden secrets, and puzzle solving to discover. The player will be able to explore the entire town at their leisure or start from any one of the five different maps available in RushVille (the sewers, a park, a junkyard, an old house, and the outskirts). You can also unlock new areas by progressing through the main story or unlock new characters by completing sidequests or finding collectibles (paintings). There are many creepy places in RushVille that will keep you on edge for

Are you ready to be a part of the greatest 3D adventure game ever? Join this epic quest as you explore the ancient ruins in your new home-town. Face off against ruthless enemies, explore strange places and uncover hidden secrets. Discover every corner of your town and make it as perfect as possible. Are you up for the challenge? Explore your town Explore and grow your new hometown! Discover all its hidden places, build businesses and residences, upgrade public services and welcome new residents to its quaint neighborhoods. -Adventure through Strange Places Your new hometown is full of mysterious locations that are waiting to be explored. Travel to distant lands, cross vast deserts and visit faraway kingdoms. -Face Any Challenge Every time you face a new foe or that sneaky mechanic, you’ll need to come up with a plan to conquer them once and for

You are just a normal guy, who has inherited his grandfather’s old coal mine. This mine is old and needs some maintenance. With the help of your friends and family, you must explore the abandoned mines, find renovations for broken machinery and fix up shafts that lead to new areas. But things are not as easy as they seem. The mine is haunted by the ghost of a little girl named Abigail. She appears whenever someone goes into the mine late at night or after exploring it for weeks without closing it off again. She warns that whoever sees her will have bad luck and won’t be able to see their loved ones again. Now that you own this territory, you must make it your own so nobody can take it away from you ever again! Keep watch over your surroundings so nobody can ruin your plans or sneak in during the night to ruin everything for

How long have you lived in the town of Redvale? Have you stayed for all these years? If the answer is no, then it’s time to leave. The residents of Redvale are not happy with you anymore. They don’t want you there anymore and they want you out of their town as soon as possible. You can never know when they will be able to convince you to actually leave but if they are able to do so after a certain amount of time, they will make sure that you can never return

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