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Stick War is a free Fighting games. Stick War is a simple, yet highly addictive stick figure fighting game. In this game, you will have to face off against your friends and enemies in an epic stick fight! The rules of the game are very simple. You just have to tap on the opponent's figure to attack them and make them vulnerable for a counter-attack. The goal is to knock all of your opponents out by strategically knocking out their stick men one after another. Tap, swipe and hold to aim and fire your weapon at an opponent; release to let go -- that’s all there is to it! This casual stick fighting game has simple controls and can be enjoyed by all types of players. Challenge your friends or play solo against the AI with various difficulties available for single player mode or 2 vs 2 multiplayer mode. Connect with other players from around the world: Play local multiplayer matches against real opponents or challenge other users from around the world in global leaderboards. Challenge your friends or allies in cooperative games against AI players with different difficulty levels available in team battle mode. And if you run into any issues while playing our free Android and iOS games, please feel free to reach out to our support team via our in-game feedback option so that we can fix it as soon as possible.

Stick War Infinity is an arcade-styled action game where you control a stickman to shoot incoming stickmen from other players in the same world. The goal is to last as long as possible while dodging your opponent’s attacks, and shooting them when they least expect it. You can choose from several different maps, each with its own gameplay style, themes, and characters. The game rewards planning, accuracy, and speed. It will take time before you get the hang of it, but once you do it’s a blast! Stick War Infinity also has multiple Game Modes to keep things interesting: Quick Games let you test your skills against AI Bots; League Seasons let you join teams and compete in League Tournaments against others; and Custom Matches give you the freedom to create matches of your own design. There are also Challenges spread throughout all of these modes for even more replay.

Two stickmen are about to fight each other. The rules are simple and it’s so easy for anyone to play. Both players have their own set of sticks that represent their characters: one player controls the red stickman and his opponent is blue. In this game you will use your fingers as well as your thumb on both sides of the phone/tablet to make a character move, attack and defend against attacks. You manage a team of colorful sticks who can be used by both players to reach your goals in a level, destroy some obstacles or even save your friend from being eaten by another enemy. There are many levels in Stick War Infinity Duel featuring new enemies, traps, walls and platforms that you must overcome with your team in order to win the

Stick War is an epic stick-fighting game with a simple premise: destroy your opponents by shooting balls at their Sticks. You have to strategically position your Sticks on the map in order to protect your home from incoming enemies and protect your goal from being destroyed. In this endless survival game, you must fight to the very end if you want to earn the victory! The longer you survive, the higher your level becomes and the more resources and upgrades you will unlock. Play now for free! -Battle against AIs or other players online! -Different maps with different gameplay each time you play! -Unlock new characters, upgrades and more as you progress through the game.

Are you tired of playing the same old arcade games? Then this is the game for you! Stick War Infinity by DeffsStickWar is an addictive stick figure fighting game with a twist. You see, in this stickman war game, there are no limits on how many sticks you can have. So, if you have several stick figures at home, then this is the best game for you. Get your friends together and go head to head in real-time battles against other stickmen players from all over the world. In Stick War Infinity stickman war game, you get to control a team of three unique stick characters and take them into an all-out war against other opponents.

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