Stickman Temple Duel

About Stickman Temple Duel

Stickman Temple Duel ! The Stickman Temple is full of dangerous obstacles, deadly traps and hidden enemy mobsters. If you are not prepared for this temple then you will lose your life within minutes. As a result, you have been asked to take part in the This game ! The stickmen temples are divided into sub-temples known as sub-zones. These sub-zones have their own unique features such as the rooms layout, decorations and enemies to fight against. To win the duel, you must explore every sub-zone within the temple and collect all 10 stickman artifacts before your competitor does. However, this will be easier said than done since most of these sub zones are filled with dangerous traps and roaming enemies that could kill you at any moment! Luckily there is a way but it’s not an easy one. You will need to search every corner of the forest to find secret paths that lead deep into the forest where no one has gone before. Only by exploring every nook and cranny will you be able access to your final objective: defeating all 10 stickman protectors before your opponent does!

This amazing game is the latest adventure game developed by Imagine Play. The sequel to the hit Stickman Temple Run, you will once again engage in a thrilling battle against temple monsters and stickmen. In this installment, you will get to explore new worlds, play as new characters from various kingdoms and meet different friends. Stickboy Will Fight For His Life! A young boy was exploring the ancient temple ruins when he discovered a secret passage. However, he ended up going to another realm that was inhabited by several stick men. Now, he has to fight for his life! Are you ready? Start training so you can become a great warrior like your father, who also happens to be a famous hero of the kingdom. This medieval adventure game is free to download and play online in your spare time. 

This amazing game is an addicting stickman fighting game with awesome graphics, cool music and intense gameplay. You can play single player or multiplayer mode. You need to fight your opponent and survive until the end by using the terrain, weapons and traps cleverly placed around the temple! The stickman is fighting another stickman with this temple duel. The goal is to beat your opponent until he is unconscious or falls off the platform. Use walls, platforms, ladders and anything you have as a weapon! You will have to be very cunning in order to defeat your opponent without being seen or discovered. You must always think of new tactics to get another victory. 

Stickman Temple Duel is a multiplayer action game where you play as a Stickman fighting other stickmen to gain points and survive for as long as possible. You can have up to two players playing at once and each player controls the same stickman that has unique abilities. This game is inspired by the classic fighting games of the past such as Street Fighter, Injustice, Marvel Vs Capcom, etc. It’s also inspired by classic fighting games of today like Marvel Fighting Heroes or Killer Instinct. There are a lot of influences from these games that made This one what it is today! 

Stickman Temple Duel game is a challenging,action-packed multiplayer game where you must team up with your friend or opponent and fight against the evil stickman temple. You can choose from different characters, each with their own unique weapons, armor, and powers. In this arcade game you will face a variety of traps, puzzles, and enemies ranging from skeleton archers to dragon knights who are hell-bent on destroying the temple. Fight in fast-paced duels to claim your victory and riches as well as access new areas within the ever-changing temple map. 

Control Guide

Instruction Controls for Story Mode: Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys Aim : Mouse Control Shoot: Mouse Left Click Controls For 2 Player: Player 1 Movement : Arrow Keys Player 1 Shoot : "L" Key Player 1 Shield: "K" Key Player 2 Movement: WASD Keys Player 2 Shoot: "F" Key Player 2 Shield: "G" Key Controls for VS Bot: Movement: Arrow Keys Shoot: "L" Key Shield: "K" Key

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