About TankWar.io

tankwario is an exciting military battle simulation game. Build your own mighty tank army with your talents. In this action-strategy mobile game, you will command a team of various tanks and fight against legions of other players from around the world in multiplayer battles in real-time. real-time. Choose wisely and use your wits to win over your enemies and secure victory in this epic mobile game.

It's time to join the fight and prove yourself a tank fighter in this TankWar.io game! This is the world war where armored vehicles play the most important role. We have many types of tanks in different war zones and you will have to prove yourself as a tank driver in these war zones. You must earn the respect of your commanders, earn medals and upgrade your tanks to become one of the most dangerous and fearsome tank drivers of the war. Upgrade your tank, unlock new weapons, explore war zones and try to survive this war!

In this game, you can design your own tank and fight online with other players! Create your own tank, choose a name and color, then choose a base and weapon. Create your own base design, then choose the look, details, and effects. Create a team of other players, choose a leader, and join the other players on your team! The game features different types of tanks, weapons, and bases.

Control Guide

Use arrow keys or WASD to navigate the tank.

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