Tap Supermarket

About Tap Supermarket

The Tap Supermarket is a casual and fun game where you manage your own shop. You are the new manager of the local supermarket and it is up to you to keep the business running smoothly again. Customers will come in and out, leaving their opinions on your service as well as some tips. It’s your job to make sure they come back by keeping them happy. There are plenty of challenges in this game. You have limited time, budget, and stock. You need to hire staff, place the correct products on the shelves, serve customers quickly while making sure they leave happy… And that’s just scratching the surface! 

Tap Supermarket is an HTML5 casual game where you are the employee of a grocery store. As an employee, your job is to assist customers with their shopping and check out their purchases as they checkout. You will be resolving any issues with their orders and assisting them to find what they are looking for. You can play the game here on online sites like It’s an exciting game for those who like spending time in front of the computer trying new things! 

Let’s tap and shop! Supermarket simulator game where you open your own store and serve customers. It’s a casual, arcade-style simulation game where you manage your own shop and stock the shelves with goods to be sold. Anyone would love to work at a supermarket – serving customers, restocking shelves, handling cash registers – all day long! 

Supermarket Tap is a casual game where you play as a shopkeeper working at a small supermarket. Your main task will be to serve customers accurately and efficiently, keep the shelves stocked and clean up once the store closes. There are three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Each one has its own unique challenges for you. 

Tap Supermarket is a mouse avoider game and a casual simulation that will test your patience, focus and precision. Your task is to help Mr. Johnson double his small supermarket business by keeping it tidy and serving customers with efficiency. This sounds simple? 

Control Guide

Controls Use the left mouse button to interact.

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