The Bonfire Forsaken Lands

About The Bonfire Forsaken Lands

Welcome to the Bonfire Forsaken Lands, your mission is simple. Build a camp and survive as long as you can. The land outside is not friendly so use everything you can find to build a base. Build traps, go for hunting, craft items, build a home and defend it from invaders at all costs! The Bonfire Forsaken Lands is an exciting and challenging 2D- clicker game where you need to keep watch of your campers at all times. 

This is a simple clicker game where you have to survive in the forest. The Forest is full of dangers such as wild animals, the weather, and other people. It is normal to feel nervous when you are in the forest alone, but you must not panic if this happens. Instead, think of useful things to do so you can stay alive longer and hunt for food. You will see that remaining calm and being resourceful are good for your mental health as well as your physical health.

In The Bonfire Forsaken Lands you control a small group of survivors trying to escape from the horde of zombies that have invaded your town. With limited resources and no hope of surviving, you must push onward. You’ll need to scavenge for food, medicine, and anything else that might be useful in order to keep your people alive. 

Boy, have you heard!? The Bonfire is back, and the Forsaken Lands are on fire! This might be our only chance at making some serious cash before the wrath of the King finds us. Bonfires are a staple of the Halloween holiday and, as it turns out, also a key part of many other games. They’re a great way to introduce player interaction and establish an ambiance that’s just right for the night. 

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