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The fantasy world is full of challenges. You need to be smart to overcome them. Build a perfect fortress and defend it against the enemies! The cute pixel dragon has been captured by the evil spell master. Help him break free from the prison, save his kingdom from the evil and beat other players in this popular action strategy game - Happy Dragon Tower Defense. This Tower Swap game will keep you hooked for hours as you build your towers, traps and weapons while matching colors to earn points and destroy the enemies swarming your kingdom. Use your wits, strategy and tactics to build an impenetrable fortress around your castle so that no enemy sees its light again. Discover new upgrades, new abilities and upgrade old ones to unlock more powerful towers that can be used in future levels. Match colors, merge adjacent matching items to create powerful combinations that can earn even more points or unlock special bonus rounds if they are matched in consecutive turns. Unlock achievements by winning matches within time limits or by earning certain targets. Collect gems, golds, crystals as well as various resources like wood or stone from different locations within the map to build your defense and prepare for upcoming attacks from other players or enemies passing through your lands at night time. 

The world is full of dangerous creatures that attack settlements and people. You are the hero of the town and you have been given the responsibility to build a tower defense system to protect your settlement from those creatures. Build towers and upgrade them so that they can shoot enemies from long distances away. The world is yours to explore, conquer, and defend! In this game you will assume the role of a protector of a small settlement that resides in an isolated area surrounded by forests. The humans have built many smaller settlements all around the small one in order to help it grow into something more prosperous. Unfortunately, there are evil creatures who come at night and try to destroy everything in their path. You must use your wits and strategy in order activate different towers along with gates so that bigger threats cannot get through. It sounds easy right?

Tower Swap is a dungeon crawler with pixel art graphics and match 3 the name suggests, each level of the game is a dungeon. The players control a party of characters and their role in the party decides every move they make. Which means you'll have more than one choice to make at any given point in time. This means that there isn’t only one correct route through each level. Rather, each player should try to find their own unique way to beat it. There are maze-like layouts as well as levels which are straightforward and easy to traverse. 

It’s an epic journey where you will match and merge pixels to eliminate the incoming enemies in each level. The objective of this game is to defeat the swarming pixel invaders before they can reach your base. You have 3 different towers which you can swap from level to level depending on the situation. - Do you have enough defense with just 1 tower? Swap in another! - Do you lags often? Then match different towers together to create powerful combinations of skills! 

This is a fast, fun and challenging HTML5 Tower Defense Game. It contains 5 Levels with Unique Graphics. The goal of this game is to defend the fortress from an invading army that includes siege towers, archers and various other units. Upgrade your tower’s armor and buy new weapons to deal with enemies more effectively in the upcoming levels. 

Control Guide

Controls Tap or click and drag only. Any tile can be swapped even if it doesn't make a match.

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