Vex 6

About Vex 6

You know what they say, "everybody wants to be a stickman" and vex 6 is the next level in stickman games. With a heavy emphasis on PARKOUR and the ability to beat levels in any order you want, this game will have you hooked for hours! Be warned though, it's not for the faint of heart.

vex is a game like no other: it includes everything from platforming and fighting enemies to making your character and exploring a large and immersive world. vex 6 allows you to experience the whole series in one game, but also gives you complete freedom in designing your own character with the vex editor.arr


vex, a platformer game where you can create your own levels! Play on a variety of levels created by other vexers, or design your own. Create a parkour level and watch your stickman do flips and tricks as he jumps from ledge to ledge!

vex is an exciting, fast-paced game about sticking your way up the tower of death to find the Baron's treasured six golden coins. To reach him, you'll have to dodge tricky traps and deadly hazards like spikes, lasers, needles, and more.

vex 6 is a series of games for all skill levels and ages. It has high replayability and is a great way to make your day more fun and exciting! Join Kilo, the main character in these vex games, and his friends in their adventure through six different worlds and over one-hundred challenging levels!

Control Guide

On keyboard use the Arrow-keys or WASD-keys to move your character around. On mobile use the left/right arrow buttons and Jump/Slide on the screen.

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