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Wizard School is a game about making your own magic school! You can choose one of many fields for your school and do whatever you want with it! Choose to have a classic This one with Magic Spells being taught, or go all out with a Science Academy and Robotics Club! Create the perfect This amazing game that will attract students and keep them coming back. Make sure that they have enough to eat, that their dormitories are well-kept, and every single student gets a chance to learn magic! Build your very own Wizard School from scratch or create an alternate version of an existing one if you already have one. Decorate the place with sculptures, paintings, bookshelves, desks, chairs and anything else you can think of as decorating an educational institution. Your students will appreciate it more if the place looks good. Research new fields of Magic that you might want to include in your school eventually. 

This amazing game is a game about building your own school of magic. You can upgrade the buildings and hire new wizards as you progress. It's a mix between an idle clicker, simulation and builder sim. It’s also one of the few games that combines wizardry with this particular lifestyle. The goal is to build up your school from a small village into the largest and most powerful magical academy in all of Grindelwald. The game is focused on upgrading your buildings and hiring new wizards to unlock new spells, abilities or artifacts for research or sale. The game offers many different ways to play it. Build your town as a scholar-in-training, set out to explore the world as an adventurer or even become a wizard yourself by opening up new schools in other towns! 

This one is an idle game about building your own magic school to train students with arcane powers. Build classrooms, laboratories, dormitories, training fields and more to prepare your pupils for the real world. Build rooms and hire professors to teach your students how to become great wizards. Train them carefully so they don’t waste their talents on mundane subjects but focus on what they are meant to do: uncover ancient mysteries or join secret societies that protect the world from darkness. You can even make them accompany you to adventures in exciting places like the Forbidden Library or visit the dangerous Dungeons of Doom. You can get up to four players together in this casual idle game. 

This game is an idle game where you build your own wizard academy. You are the new warden of Wizard Academy, and you have to make sure it runs smoothly. As the new warden, your main goal is to attract more students and teach them everything they need to become a great wizard. That’s why you spend your days by building different rooms of Wizard Academy. Building rooms costs gold that you earn through daily quests or by selling inventions at market days. Inventions are special items that give you a permanent boost in some fields or unlock new features in This game. 

The Wizard’s School is a building inspired by the popular idle game Wizard School. In the idle game you build up a school to train wizards and make them more powerful. But why would you build a school in the first place? It’s not so easy to answer that, but we can say that if your school is under attack you should have a plan to defend it. 

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